Protect Your Child Through Juvenile Delinquency And Dependency Charges

While the juvenile justice system is supposed to be focused on rehabilitation, children can face consequences in juvenile court, including incarceration in a juvenile facility and a damaging criminal record. In some cases, juveniles can be referred to adult court and face adult consequences. To protect your child’s future, contact an experienced juvenile defense attorney as soon as possible.

At The Law Offices of James Daniel Johnson, LLC, I have been helping Georgia families fight criminal charges for years. I know what is at stake for your family, and I am dedicated to helping you minimize consequences for your child. I can also help you fight dependency cases that can threaten your parental rights.

What Is The Difference Between Delinquency And Dependency?

In Georgia, charges for criminal activity by a juvenile are handled by the Department of Juvenile Justice. Dependency cases are managed by the Department of Family and Children’s Services. In dependency proceedings, a social worker may remove a child from their home until substantial changes occur.

In my years of compassionate representation, I am able to help you in either of these matters. I want to help you keep your family together and safe. I treat my clients with the respect they deserve while I draft a custom approach to their needs. You can expect high-quality representation when you come to my office here in Tifton.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Cases like these are nothing to make light of. Whether you need guidance in making changes in your home to keep your family whole, or if you need experienced litigation and negotiation skills to help drop or reduce charges and sentencing of your child, make sure you have a lawyer you can trust at your side.

When the future of your child or family is at stake in your juvenile delinquency and dependency charges, do not wait another day to get an attorney. Contact my office today by calling 229-586-8012 or by emailing me here. The sooner you reach out to me, the sooner I can begin fighting for you.