Protecting Clients Against Probation And Parole Violation Charges

Anyone on probation knows that there are strict rules involved, and any violation can result in the revocation of probation privileges. If your probation officer finds out that you have violated your probationary requirements, he or she will almost certainly file for revocation. Also, if you have committed a crime in the course of your probation, you will likely lose your privileges.

You need someone who can defend you against these charges and protect your probation. At The Law Offices of James Daniel Johnson, LLC, I represent clients facing possible parole and probation violations throughout the state of Georgia. With a wealth of criminal defense experience, I know how to assess your case and work to avoid revocation.

Types Of Violations

In general, there are two types of probation and parole violations:

  • Technical violations: A technical violation is any failure to comply with the rules of probation or parole. This could include leaving the state, failing to report to a parole officer on time, skipping work or any number of other rules violations.
  • Criminal offenses: Of course, being convicted of any criminal offense is also a cause for revocation of parole or probation privileges.

Helping A Loved One

Most of the calls I receive for probation and parole violation cases come from a spouse or other family member who is concerned about them losing their privileges. You want to do what you can to avoid revocation.

As an experienced lawyer, I understand the urgency of your situation. I will fight to stop the revocation of parole or probation privileges.

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