Make Sure You Are Defending Your Future In Criminal Defense

If you have received criminal charges, you are now at the beginning of several paths that will greatly define your future. If you do nothing to defend yourself, you are accepting a mark on your record that you may never remove, causing you numerous consequences later in life. If you get an attorney, you can fight to protect your rights, freedom and future.

Here at The Law Offices of James Daniel Johnson, LLC, I am a Georgia attorney who has been representing clients in their criminal defense needs for years. I know what is on the line in these cases, and I stop at nothing to offer my clients the best possible outcome in these cases.

Why You Need An Attorney

No matter what stage of your case you are in, I am able to help you. If you have been detained with a high bail, I can negotiate to lower your bail, freeing you while you are fighting your charges. When it comes to fighting your case, I work closely with you to understand all the details of your case. If there is an opportunity to pursue a mistrial or a dismissal of the case, I will pursue it. I handle felony cases involving:

No matter how small your charge may seem, it can have lasting consequences. A criminal charge today can cost you a job tomorrow. It can also cost you your home loan application or other potential opportunities for a brighter future. I do not want to see any of my clients receive unfair sentencing for their actions, and I work tirelessly to keep that from happening.

Act Today To Protect Your Tomorrow

Let me use my years of experience to craft a strategy that is custom-tailored for your needs. I know what it takes to defend your rights, so if you are ready to meet with me, take the first step and contact me today.

For a one-on-one representation with an attorney who will treat you with the respect and compassion you deserve, call my Tifton office at 229-586-8012 or email me here. Schedule your initial consultation with me today, and put yourself on the right path in your case.