Getting a DUI for the first time can be a scary and unsettling experience. You have no idea what to expect, and you may be in fear about how it will impact your life.

According to the Georgia Department of Driver Services, the law does allow some leniency for a first-time DUI, but it also takes any drunk driving charge seriously, so you can expect some consequences. The main consequence of a DUI conviction is losing your driver’s license.

Loss of license

The law is strict about this, and even one DUI will result in a loss of your driving privileges for 12 months. However, you may be able to get a limited driving permit after 120 days.

Limited driving permit

You must first complete 120 days of the suspension to qualify. You also must complete a DUI Alcohol or drug use risk reduction program from an approved provider. You also must pay reinstatement fees.

Implied consent

Do note that if you refused to submit to a chemical test during your arrest, you will automatically lose your license for one year at least. You cannot get a limited driving permit under the implied consent law.

Implied consent refers to an agreement you make with the state that you will take chemical tests if requested under suspicion of a DUI. You make this agreement when you secure your driver’s license. You also agree at this time to the one-year suspension if you refuse a test.

Depending on your situation, a first-time DUI conviction could lead to you losing your license for 120 days up to one year.