Marijuana laws pass from grassroots sources all the way up to state policymakers. As more states legalize and decriminalize marijuana, its prevalence in the national culture means counties and cities need to reckon with their laws.

According to Marijuana Moment, more than a dozen Ohio cities have decriminalization initiatives on this year’s ballots.

City by city marijuana standards

Despite failed legalization initiatives, organizations like NORML and the Sensible Movement Coalition have pursued initiatives in dozens of cities seeking decriminalization in some form or another.

Some cities have simple readings asking city residents whether their jurisdiction shall adopt a Sensible Marihuana Ordinance. Other cities get into deeper specifics such as declaring violations of possession under 200 grams result in a $0 fine. Some wording includes the cultivation and gifting of small amounts.

The report does not detail the wording for each city’s specific initiative. Besides these ballot measures, Ohio may see another legalization initiative on the ballot in 2022.

Ohio marijuana standards

While these ballot measures continue through the legislation, it is important for Ohio residents to understand the current marijuana laws as they stand today.

Possession up to 200 grams on state-level counts as a minor misdemeanor. While these charges are not jailable offenses, they do come with fines and possible driver’s license suspensions. Suspension periods may last between six months and five years.

Possession over 200 grams and the unlawful sale of marijuana count as felonies with much harsher penalties.

While marijuana may see further decriminalization or even legalization in Ohio, those with drug charges of any sort today face long-term consequences to their future.