A marriage does not always have to end in acrimony or with a lengthy legal battle. In some cases, both parties agree the marriage has run its course and it is time to move on.

In Georgia, an uncontested divorce can even involve children, so long as the parents agree on the major issues dealing with child custody and support issues.

A dignified process

Kiplinger reports that many famous and wealthy couples know the benefits of an uncontested divorce. These couples understand that the advantages of agreeing to compromise go beyond saving a lot of money in legal fees. A mature attitude reduces arguments and enables both parties to retain a sense of dignity.

Part of the appeal of this approach resides in the ability to decide the parameters of the divorce between the spouses. In other words, the issues of division of assets and child custody do not depend upon the decision of a judge.

Of course, the monetary savings belong in this discussion. The advantage of not arguing over every detail in a split cuts down on attorney fees.

A favorable outcome for children

The concept of putting the interests of the children first and foremost can take on new meaning in an uncontested divorce. If the separating spouses focus on their roles as parents, they can better create equitable arrangements that benefit their children. Less fighting also makes things easier for young people.

In cases where compromise proves elusive, divorcing parties can enlist the help of mediators or therapists. As many famous couples have shown, an uncontested divorce is not just about the money.