The consequences of a DUI conviction do not only include possible jail time and fines. You have to consider what may happen if your auto insurance provider finds out about your DUI. Sooner or later, you have to figure that your insurer will learn about your conviction and may take action against you.

Car and Driver magazine explains that because of the legal fees, damages and other expenses that result from a DUI case, many insurance companies cannot afford to maintain their current rates on a DUI offender. A number of possible outcomes could happen.

Increasing your insurance rates

Once your insurance provider learns of your DUI, you could experience an increase in your insurance rates. You may see a boost of more than 75%, which could result in you paying hundreds of dollars more each year. This may last for as long as three years or however long the DUI remains on your record.

If you are considering hiding your DUI from your insurer, you might ensure that your provider will cancel your coverage upon discovering your offense. You may be better off informing your insurer. You might not avoid a rate hike, but there is a chance you could avoid breaching terms that would cause your insurer to drop your policy.

Discontinuing your policy

It is possible that your insurer may go ahead and drop your policy completely. This cannot legally happen shortly after your DUI, but your insurance provider could choose not to renew your coverage once it reaches its expiration date.

Since traditional insurers do not like to take on a driver with a DUI, finding new coverage may prove difficult. However, there are specialty insurers that do offer coverage to high-risk drivers. Keep in mind that these companies tend to offer rates higher than the usual insurance providers. You might consider other transportation methods like taking the bus or carpooling until you can shop for better rates again.