As a grey divorcee, you will face issues that younger couples likely do not even think about. This is natural, as you are at two very different points in your lives. You have different concerns, different goals and years of time between you. 

Thus, most hurdles you face as a grey divorcee will reflect this. In fact, your biggest hurdle will likely come in the form of your assets. 

Joint assets and asset hiding

As Forbes points out, grey divorcees face challenges that primarily revolve around assets. Whether it is money, shared accounts, joint property or even benefits, assets make up the core of many issues in divorce cases between older couples. 

First, you and your spouse likely have many joint assets compared to a younger couple. This immediately means the division process will take more time, effort and even money. You want to focus carefully when dividing assets to ensure your spouse does not try hiding any. If you suspect this, you may want to hire a forensic financial specialist to investigate. 

Benefits and retirement plans

Next, you will need to make major considerations regarding the potential loss of retirement benefits. If you relied on your spouse for this, you may not have that option after a split. Do you go back to work, then? Do you continue if you still have a job, even though you planned on retiring soon? Can your spousal support payments cover your expenses enough to allow you to live comfortably? 

These are questions you can discuss together with legal help. They can aid you through the process and ensure you have what you need to continue life after divorce.