Regardless of whether you have a contested or uncontested divorce, if you have children, the court will require you to submit a parenting plan. It is much easier in an uncontested divorce as you can work together to create the plan that will best suit your family.

The Stephens County website explains the court will expect to see certain topics covered in your plan to ensure it provides adequate guidance as to the care of your children.

Custody and decision-making

You will need to address who will have legal and physical custody. In addition, your plan should include information about the right to make day-to-day decisions and major decisions concerning the children. The plan must also include how you will handle any disagreements about decision-making.


You should include a section regarding how you will communicate with the child when he or she is with the other parent. Ensure you include the methods you may use and a description of the rights of each parent. If there are restrictions, you need to note these in your plan.

Parenting time

Your plan must include information about your parenting time schedule. You will want to address every aspect, including vacation and holiday schedules. Make this as detailed as possible. Also, cover the transportation arrangements for visitations.


Other things you will want your plan to include are the requirement of each parent to notify the other when they have an address change, the rights to information about the children and the modification rights. You should also address anything not covered in other parts of the agreement and any special needs situations.