No matter your experience as a Georiga motorist, there are areas of the state where the risk of a serious car crash increases. Channel 13 WMAZ reports that one long stretch of road, Highway 247, is one of the deadliest, with more than 200 crashes happening there in 2016.

Understanding the risks on certain Georgia roads and why crashes take place there may help you and your passengers stay safe.

The dangers of Highway 247

The length and volume of this highway may contribute to the high number of accidents that take place there. The road, which is more than 20 miles long, sees many different types of wrecks, including:

  • Rear-end crashes
  • large trucks turning over/jackknifing
  • T-bone accidents from failure to yield

If you travel along this highway, watch carefully for yield signs and avoid speeding or distracted driving that could contribute to an accident. While locals believe lowering the speed limit may reduce the number of accidents that happen on Highway 247, in the meantime, practicing defensive driving may help keep you and your passengers safe.

Other crash causes on Highway 247

While speed and traffic volume probably play a role in the high level of crashes on Highway 247, other reasons may contribute to the statistics as well. For example, the highway is a long, open stretch of road, which may lull you into a false sense of safety and security as you travel. Remaining alert and free of distractions, such as cell phone usage while behind the wheel, can help keep you safer while traveling through this area.

Other dangerous Georgia roadways

While Highway 247 is considered dangerous, there are more than one dozen other Georgia roads, such as Highway 49, Georgia Route 87 and Georgia Route 90. While crashes happen more often in these locations, it is important to remain aware of all driving dangers as you travel throughout the state.