Traffic tickets can happen easily and may be a minor irritation in your day. It is easy to forget about them.

On most traffic tickets, you have the option of paying the fee or going to court. Paying the ticket means you admit your guilt and take responsibility for the violation. Going to court gives you the chance to fight the ticket. You must pay the ticket by a certain date, and if you do not, then the court will expect you to show up for your hearing. What happens, though, if you forget to pay the ticket and then miss your court date? You may worry that you will go to jail.

Not likely a jail sentence

According to the Georgia Department of Driver Services, you will earn a failure to appear driver’s license suspension if you fail to appear in court.

What to do

You will receive a notice upon missing your court date. The FTA suspension notice will give you a new date by which you need to respond. This gives you the chance to contact the court and resolve the issue before the state suspends your license.

If you fail to take action before the FTA suspension date, then you will have a license suspension. You will have to resolve the initial ticket and pay a reinstatement fee to get your license back. Be aware you will need to wait for the court to notify the DDS about your status. It must see that you took care of the issue before you can remove the suspension.