The quickest and easiest method of divorce, by far, is an uncontested divorce. Uncontested divorce often allows you to save a lot of money and time on the process.

However, not all divorces lend themselves to the uncontested path. According to Forbes Magazine, a trial divorce may be a better option for you if you feel you need to petition for “more” than your ex-spouse is willing to agree to.

Will a trial divorce get me what I want? 

Not necessarily. It is generally better to try and negotiate directly with your ex-spouse if at all possible. Remember that, at the end of the day, divorce is simply another variety of civil lawsuit. This means that, just like with any other lawsuit, it is generally advantageous for the parties to try and settle rather than litigate.

Litigation should only be for a time where negotiating is fruitless. So a trial will not automatically get you what you want, but it will provide a neutral third party to make decisions (the judge) if negotiations stall.

Do I have a good case? 

This depends on your particular situation. Keep in mind that the courts are not interested in the grievances that you have with your ex-spouse. The courts will want to hear a logical argument proving that what you want is within your rights as per the law. It is never a good idea to “have a day in court” just to sound off about your ex. It is a good idea to consult with an attorney first to understand your chances in court.