The justice system in Georgia is due for a major overhaul. Over the past few years, lawmakers have chipped away at some of its major flaws. One that may find itself in the limelight again soon is the way parole violations work. 

Business Insider named Georgia as one of seven states with more people in prison for technical parole violations than 35 states combined. Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas and New York also made the list. This may inflate the recidivism rates in the respective states. 

Common technical violations

The reasons people who already served time end up back in prison may surprise civilians without records. Here are some of the most common: 

  • Failing to pass a urine test 
  • Missing an appointment with the parole officer 
  • Staying out later than the mandatory curfew 
  • Visiting a bar that sells alcoholic beverages 
  • Traveling without obtaining permission 

Parole violations and revocations in Georgia

According to the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles, when someone violates parole, the Board may immediately issue a warrant for the person’s arrest. After law enforcement officers arrest parolees, the individual may receive preliminary hearings, so the Board can determine whether the parolee had a good reason and how to proceed. 

As the numbers show, quite often, this person ends up behind bars again. In fact, sometimes, the Board decides to proceed without a preliminary or final hearing. 

Every year, thousands of innocent Americans spend time behind bars because they do not trust their innocence to the justice system. Returning to prison for minor infractions after already serving undeserved time only adds insult to injury.