Georgia college students like you have a long journey ahead of you. Your college career can change in many ways depending on the choices you make. If those choices are negative ones, then the consequences have the potential to last a long time, too.

This is especially true in the case of DUI related charges and convictions. You may think you will get off light if it is a first-time conviction, but this is not necessarily the truth.

Is a first-time offense still a serious matter?

The College Investor points out that even first-time DUI convictions can have a serious impact on your path through college. Depending on the conviction itself, you can face severe legal repercussion no matter how many offenses you have in your past record. But the potential of incarceration or hefty fines and license suspension are not the only things you have to worry about.

As a college student, the reaction of your college will have one of the biggest immediate impacts on you. On the plus side, most colleges will not expel you for one DUI conviction. This is especially true if it is your first conviction and you have no complicating charges.

How are your finances impacted?

Instead, they may revoke their financial support. If you had any financial award or scholarship, they may take this back. They may also disallow you from continuing to use on-campus housing. This forces you to seek off-campus housing instead. Off-campus housing is often prohibitively expensive anywhere near a college. But if your license gets suspended, you must live somewhat close or risk having hours of daily commute via public transport. Being put in this position, many people in your shoes end up priced out of college.