Having a criminal record can make it difficult to find employment because many employers request details about past convictions. Some employers refuse to hire anyone who has a criminal past. 

There are employers who will hire you, but it can take time to find them. The Georgia Justice Project suggests that you do not give up when hunting for employment because you can secure a job with a criminal record. 

Put in many applications

Because you may find many employers who will not hire you based on your past, you need to work even harder putting in applications. You may have to apply everywhere you can think of to find one or two employers willing to even invite you for an interview. It is a numbers game, so the more applications you put in, the more likely you are to find a job. 

Be honest but too forthcoming

You should always be honest. If an employer finds out you lied during the application or interview process, it can fire you without warning. This does not mean that you have to explain every detail of your history. Only answer the questions your potential employer asks. Do not supply additional information. 

Go small

Larger employers will be the most likely to conduct background checks and ask questions specifically about your criminal history. To increase your chances of finding employment, try to apply with small employers. They are more likely to not ask or to give you a chance. 

Choose the right jobs

Consider your charges when choosing a job to which to apply. For example, if you have a theft charge, then you probably should not apply to positions that require money handling.