As you and your ex-spouse prepare to go your separate ways, you may wonder if an uncontested divorce can help you do so with minimal hassle. 

Learning more about the benefits of a fair uncontested divorce can help you make the best decision for both of you. 


According to FindLaw, the main differences between a typical divorce and an uncontested divorce are that you are less likely to incur additional debt from legal fees and deal with privacy issues with an uncontested divorce. Topics that come up during the decision process can range from the amount of alimony or child support you need to pay to how to divide up your shared assets. 

Cost and ease 

Often, this method is a lot less expensive than usual divorce proceedings. Since you are in agreement on all the conditions for the separation, neither of you need to take a case to court. The amount of time you spend on this process is also generally minimized and streamlined. This can be helpful for couples with children, since familial disagreements can be a source of stress to some kids. In addition, uncontested divorces typically do not require you to publicly share your records for any reasons why you divorced. 

Standard procedure  

Choosing to dissolve your marriage this way also alleviates your need for a court hearing. This helps you know what to expect as the proceedings continue and you complete any necessary paperwork. Some people choose to use mediation or a third party to help facilitate the process, but that is not formally required.