After a car accident, your first thoughts may not be about the legal issues surrounding it. You may first focus on any injuries you and your passengers incurred. Then, your mind may go to determining how the accident happened and who is at fault.

In the meantime, the insurance companies are working to do whatever they can to prevent you from getting a large claim. If you are not at fault, you may receive calls from the other party’s insurer asking you to take a settlement. It can be very confusing to know what to do, which is why Forbes explains it may help to have an attorney.

Protecting you

If you are at fault in the accident, you may need an attorney to protect your rights. The expenses of an accident can be financially devastating. Having someone who knows the law by your side can help to minimize the impact it has on you. your attorney may also be able to ensure your insurer pays out properly so that you can avoid further legal action.

Fighting for your rights

If the other person did not have insurance or the insurer will not pay out enough to cover your losses, then you will need an attorney to take your case to court. The attorney can assist you with proving fault, contacting witnesses and obtaining other evidence you will need to provide the court.

You can also take the insurance company to court, which forces its hand. It will have to move a lot faster to settle your claim than it might if you didn’t sue.