On the road, there are many risks that drivers need to watch out for. Unfortunately, even the most responsible drivers find themselves in accidents because of the carelessness of others. Aside from intoxicated driving and distractions such as cell phones, many crashes occur because of drowsiness. 

Drivers become drowsy for multiple reasons, whether they have excessively long days at work or they do not get enough sleep at night. Sadly, these challenges increase the chances of a devastating accident. 

Injuries, financial problems and other hardships 

Drowsy driving turns the lives of victims involved in crashes upside down. Many struggle with debilitating injuries and other hardships are also common, such as emotional trauma and financial problems. Medical costs, lost wages, property damage and the cost of rehabilitation are some of the financial struggles that victims endure. Unfortunately, these difficulties often make the recovery process very complex for accident victims. 

Falling asleep behind the wheel 

For starters, drowsy drivers are more likely to fall asleep while behind the wheel. This is extremely dangerous and results in the loss of many lives each year. During certain times of the day (and night), drivers are more likely to doze off and it is crucial for those in other vehicles to watch out for drivers who fall asleep. Even when drivers do not fall asleep, they are less attentive while drowsy and more likely to make critical errors. 

If a drowsy driver turned your life upside down, do not wait to look into your legal options. Our website provides additional information on taking legal action after a crash.