There are all sorts of sources of distraction that impact one’s ability to focus on the road, but this post will focus on some of the common risk factors that make distracted driving so prevalent. Sadly, many drivers fail to pay attention to their driving because they take their minds off the road or they take their hands off of the wheel in order to fiddle with something in the vehicle. Distracted driving claims many lives and leaves a lot of people with devastating injuries every year. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, distractions affect the mental focus of drivers as well as their ability to see the road and keep their hands on the wheel. Texting while behind the wheel is especially concerning because it distracts drivers in all of the aforementioned ways. Moreover, using a cell phone and sending a text message while driving has become increasingly common in the digital era and is a major factor in many of the motor vehicle wrecks that happen. 

Aside from phones, there are many other reasons why drivers become distracted. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that eating, drinking, using a GPS, adjusting the stereo and talking with other people in the vehicle are common reasons why drivers become distracted. Sadly, data shared on the NHTSA’s site shows that more than 2,800 lives were lost during 2018 alone as a result of distracted driving. It is imperative for drivers to pay attention to potential distractions and avoid them. Likewise, victims must take a stand for their rights.